Saturday, June 15, 2024
Wedding Policies
  1. Pre-marriage counseling with the pastor is a prerequisite to marriage. Two sessions prior to the wedding are required, plus the rehearsal.
  2. If you are considering inviting another minister to assist in the ceremony, the invitation comes from the host Pastor.
  3. Decisions concerning floral and other decorations are to be discussed with the Pastor.
  4. Flash pictures and/or video lighting equipment are not permitted in the Church during the ceremony. It is important that your photographer understands this.
  5. The Pastor will conduct the rehearsal. The wedding party and parents are expected to participate in the rehearsal so that they may be at ease in the ceremony.
  6. The tradition of throwing rice harms the birds that eat the rice left on the ground. While throwing rice is allowed, throwing birdseed or using bubbles or bells is preferred.
  7. The Pastor and the Church organist must approve any musical requests and/or guest musicians. The Church organist receives the bench fee in the case of a guest organist.
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